Very general updated updater update

Sorry for the silence, been super busy here on the homestead.  Between projects, vacation, projects, projects, and other projects, there just hasn’t been time to sit down and properly write up a blog entries.  So here’s a rather quick once over.

I’m much better about smaller updates at the facebook page:


Projects:  since last i left you, i was in a made rush to get some projects finished before heading off for a few weeks vacation.  On that list was some chairs and a trestle table with breadboard top.  After vacation there was a cancer charity build-a-thon with my pals at thewoodwhisperer and most recently another chair for a fund raiser.  Currently up is the shop firewood rack.  And around the homestead we’re in the process of harvesting apples and pears, cutting up firewood, and doing a little earth moving while it’s dry.

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Walnut Glastonbury chair, butt pins come out so the unit folds relatively flat.



2 white oak glastonbury chairs (also fold flat) and a trestle table with breadboard table top.